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Sep '07

Buy airline tickets online for cheap.

Buying airline tickets is today as easy as clicking a button – literally! Just log on to the Internet and browse a few websites. Before long you will find what you need. You can book airline tickets directly on the airline’s website, through a travel site like or But often, the tickets you find may not be within your budget. Getting good deals or discounted prices on your tickets, is a different matter altogether. It requires some time, patience and surfing skills.

If you have a flexible schedule, consider yourself halfway there. This is because most day time flights and weekday flights are much cheaper than the ones in the evenings or on weekends. Also non-stop flights are more expensive. If you have the time, then choose a flight with at least one stopover, as these are relatively cheaper. Airline ticket prices also depend on the airports between which you will be traveling. Planning ahead can help you get good rates, particularly in summer or during the holiday season. Sometimes airlines offer heavily discounted tickets for only a short while. So, the moment you see such a deal, book it or it will be gone before you know it. Also there are some websites that allow you to bid for tickets.

Remember that refundable tickets are often priced higher than the non-refundable ones. If you are in doubt about making your trip on the scheduled date, there is no need to be concerned. Generally, the non-refundable tickets are valid for travel at a later date and will be specified by the issuing authority. Lastly, make sure you have read the fine print before booking your trip. There may be some hidden taxes and surcharges you may not have anticipated. Alternately, travel agents can get you your money’s worth because they are well-connected and have access to numerous resources.