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Sep '07

Have fun with your family at one of the many Six Flags locations.

Who doesn’t like amusement parks? Irrespective of age, most of us visit one of these parks at least once a year. Six Flags has 30 parks in the whole of North America. The first Six Flags park made its appearance in Texas more than 40 years ago in 1961. The company which is today listed on the New York Stock Exchange was the brainchild of oil magnate Angus Wynne. The amusement park’s website ( gives an interesting explanation for the name “Six Flags”. It refers to the flags of six countries which flew in the state of Texas during its extraordinary history.

Six Flags also has exclusive water parks and marine parks. Many of these have educational programs for youngsters. At the marine world, visitors can interact with dolphins, penguins, sting rays and sea lions. Besides this, the Six Flags Wild Safari in New Jersey is a 350-acre wildlife preserve. It makes you feel as if you were in the middle of an African safari. The group has licensing agreements with DC Comics and Warner Bros. This means you can see Batman, Superman, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety bird at the parks.

As for tickets, you do not have to queue up at the gates to buy them. You can just go the website and print out the tickets of your choice and go right to the entrance gate! Season passes can also be bought here most of which can be used at all of the Six Flags parks throughout the summer. Passes give you unlimited access for a year, you get a coupon book, and you can also bring in a friend free on most days. At some locations, the price includes admission to the water park. Some others may offer discounts on nearby water parks. Each year, there are new attractions being added such as roller coasters, stunt shows and other live shows.