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Sep '07

Enjoy the many attractions Universal Studios has to offer for movie lovers.

The Universal name is well-established in the world of film-making, entertainment and theme parks and resorts. Universal City, currently known as Universal Studios, was established in 1915. Visitors could visit the sets and watch movies being made. Over the decades numerous notable movies, many of which established the careers of their stars and crew, have been made here. Today, the sets of many of the memorable ones have been immortalized in the form of live shows and rides. Besides Hollywood, there is a Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Florida and in Japan.

Movies renowned for their special effects and thrills such as Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, The Mummy, Shrek and Waterworld can be relived at Universal Studios. The Shrek show, in fact, is a 4-D attraction and the long queues have people of all ages eager to experience the show. The Waterworld show has stuntmen replicating many of the moves from the film and a spectacular display of fire and explosions. You can take a tram ride through the park in Hollywood and experience first hand how a storm or an earthquake is depicted with such uncanny accuracy in the movies. You get to meet the shark from Jaws and of course, the notorious King Kong. At Universal Studios, you can also find Animal Planet Live and you’ll be tickled by all the antics of the chimps and parakeets.

Shows such as Fear Factor are also at Universal Studios and you too can be a participant. The attractions are updated whenever certain movies succeed phenomenally. Good deals on tickets can be obtained from the website ( and season passes are also available here. You can subscribe to receive their newsletter regularly and keep yourself updated on all the latest events and happenings. You can also choose to have Universal Studios as the venue for special events or meetings. Educational programs for groups of students are also available here.