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Sep '07

Purchase travel insurance and make your trip a safer one.

It’s summer time and the official travel season has begun. Whether you are going on a long trip or a short one, there are many things that need to be done before you can actually begin to enjoy your holiday. If you are planning to go abroad then there is one very important item that needs to top your checklist right after passport and tickets: travel insurance. The first question that jumps to mind would be: do I need travel insurance? The answer to this is definitely yes if you want to protect yourself financially in the event of trip cancellations, medical requirements, theft and damages. It might seem an expensive proposition, but remember that it will definitely be cheaper than running up bills in a foreign country.

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The deductible you have to pay and the reimbursement assured will depend on the type of insurance you opt for and the company issuing it. It will also take into consideration the country/countries you are planning on visiting. So, look around a bit and do a little research before choosing your travel insurance provider. It is relatively easy to get the required insurance if you do not have any existing medical conditions. Still, start looking well ahead of your departure date. Read the fine print so you don’t face unnecessary delays or other issues in case of a claim. Most travel agents can sell you insurance but insurance companies are a safer bet.

Multi-trip policies are also available for the frequent traveler. Your travel agent or insurance company will be able to give you all the details about this. Make spare copies of your insurance policy and leave one at home or with someone in the family in case yours is lost or damaged and you need to make a claim. It will give you a sense of security at the very least. Even after you get insured follow some basic safety tips when traveling and you should be fine.