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Sep '07

All inclusive vacations for families, couples, seniors, or honeymooners.

Our daily lives have become a hectic maze of activities and 24 hours seems too little time to get everything done. In such a situation, who wants to get all worked up even when planning a holiday? This is the theory behind the success of the popular all-inclusive vacations we find advertised all around. These vacation packages cater to the needs of all kinds of holiday makers.

Be it families, couples, honeymooners, seniors or groups of friends. They assure you of a hassle-free, individually tailored holiday plan. Usually, they mean what they say i.e. the package includes the cost of everything from accommodation to food to taxes to fun activities. But there are also those that do not include taxes and tips in the advertised price. In the case of all inclusive packages from airlines or cruise ships, the price includes the travel costs whereas resort packages rarely have this feature. So you first need to decide on a budget and the type of vacation you need. Doing this well in advance will give you an edge when booking your package, for if you are on the lookout, you can find great deals over the internet often.

The internet is the indeed the best place to find good value for your money. Before you make your booking, check out the resort/hotel, and the facilities that are available. There is usually a list of services that are not part of the package. If you don’t like what you see, move on; there are plenty of good deals floating around at any given time. The current most popular destinations in this category are the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, other beach resorts and kid-friendly places such as Disneyland. Even if you have just decided to take such a trip, you might get lucky. Often, travel agencies or websites offer last-minute deals at heavily discounted prices.