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Sep '07

Vacation rentals are an affordable alternative to vacation homes.

Find Spain holiday vacation rentals information to plan the perfect vacation.

Everyone wants to go away for the summer; to a favorite destination, perhaps by the beach or lake or in the hills. A home away from home, where one can relax and be one with nature. The ideal getaway would be a vacation home someplace “far from the madding crowd”, as Thomas Hardy put it. But all of us cannot own a vacation home. So, the next best thing would be to rent a vaction home. It also proves cost-effective when having a long vacation especially for a large family. No sooner does summer set in than one can find a host of listings for all kinds of dwellings up for rent. Villas, condos, cabins and cottages, they are all available in plenty.

Rental periods can be from days to weeks or even months. Of course, the rent is decided based on the popularity of the location and the size of the property. One way of minimizing expenses would be to team up with friends or family and vacation together at a place that is acceptable to all concerned. This way you can take advantage of the benefits that often accompany a large vacation rental property such as pools, hot tubs or tennis courts. Alternately you might get privileges to a golf course.

As with anything else, the cliché “first come first served” is applicable here too. If you start hunting early enough you will definitely find what you are looking for. Contact vacation house owners and local realtors alike for you never know where you might find the ideal property. Ask for pictures and if possible, inspect the property before you make a commitment. Find out what is included in the rental agreement and what is not. You don’t want to go there and then realize that you were required to bring your own linen.