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Sep '07

Find Las Vegas hotels with the lowest rates.

The very mention of Las Vegas brings to mind visions of slot machines, glittering lights and fabulous shows. A visit to the gambling paradise of the country is a must irrespective of whether you are a gambler or not. Generally, accommodation is available at any time of the year in one or the other of the many luxury and budget hotels that dot this city. But if you are keen on staying at one of the casino resorts, booking in advance is the safest bet, particularly during holidays and weekends.

You can find the lowest rates from Sundays through Thursdays. The summer months of July and August also see fewer revelers due to the soaring temperatures in the desert. At other times a one night stay can cost you anywhere from $60 to $250 depending upon where you choose to stay. The Las Vegas casino hotels are more expensive than regular motels and rates can easily exceed $250. But then they also offer you the ambience and the perks that go with it as well as a casino on the premises. There are numerous online sites that offer you easy reservations and good deals and discounts. You can also compare and browse through virtual tours before choosing from all the Las Vegas hotels.

All the popular casinos and most motels are located on “the strip” which is a couple of miles long. So, no matter where you stay all the casinos are within walking distance. And if you are not up to any exercise, then there are the trams, buses, cabs and also the monorail. It is said that more than half of the world’s twenty largest hotels are located in Las Vegas and at the looking huge, sprawling structures, one can very well believe this to be true. With many more major casino hotel projects in the pipeline it looks as if the Las Vegas skyline is just going to get more impressive in the future.

As an alternative to Las Vegas Hotels is the option to play poker online and various other online casino gambling games from the comfort of your home. This has many benefits including the ability to sleep in your own bed at night, and also have the luxury of not having to go anywhere to play your favorite online casino games at the best online casino on the web.