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Sep '07

Rent or buy used and new RVs at reasonable prices.

The encyclopedia broadly defines an RV (Recreational Vehicle) as “a large enclosed piece of equipment with wheels designed to be moved from place to place for people to temporarily live in and be protected from the elements while away from their permanent domicile.” RVs come in different sizes and are now very popular with campers and vacationers. They are broadly classified into tow. The first one is the type that can be towed, which means you can attach them to your vehicle whenever required. The second kind is the motorized RV which is self-contained and can be the size of a van or a bus.

If you are thinking of buying a motorized RV then be prepared to shell out over $100,000 for a new one and at least $25,000 for a used one in good condition. There are many companies which offer RVs on rental. But since summer is the peak season, it is difficult to go on an impromptu RV trip since bookings are often made months in advance. If you can spare the time, then you can find good deals without any hassle during fall. Generally, the rental company gives you some pointers on how to handle the vehicle and other details you will need to know during your trip. Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid drivers’ license is eligible to operate a RV.

One major advantage of undertaking an RV trip is that it helps save on accommodation costs and even food, since you can cook for yourself instead of going to restaurants. Also it makes life more comfortable on a camping trip!! Most campgrounds have provisions for RV parking. If you are keen on an RV experience but are not sure where to look for guidance, then surf the web. There are many online clubs for RV enthusiasts and there is nothing better than getting tips from those who have the experience.