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Sep '07

Travel guides make your vacation planning easier.

Today, traveling anywhere in the world is possible thanks to the various advances and innovations in the field of transportation technology. Travel is simplified and it is possible to get from one end of the world to the other in a matter of hours whereas earlier it took us days and weeks. The number of travel enthusiasts has also gone up and there are many who love to visit and explore new and exotic destinations. One essential accessory for these adventurous tourists is guide books. Hence, a niche market has come up in this category too.

There are different kinds of travel guides and before buying one you must first evaluate your needs. Are you embarking on an adventurous tour or will you be doing more of sightseeing? Or you may be interested in the culture and heritage of the place you are visiting. So, you need to pick a guide which addresses your particular requirement. Most of the times you can find guide books as per your needs. The most common are perhaps, travel guides targeted at a sightseeing tourist. These are much easier to put together and often do not require any hands on experience on the part of the writer.

They can be very detailed or briefs compiled in book form. Basically, they list out the major attractions, approximate expenses, list of boarding and lodging facilities and transportation. But if you are not on a sightseeing tour then you need to do some research on the book you require.

For instance, someone who is on the lookout for eco tourism or trekking and rock climbing would be better off getting a book written by some with first hand experience of the matter. Then the author will be able to give you pointers on what to do and what not to. From this you can avoid the mistakes the author made and have an enjoyable and memorable trip.

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