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Sep '07

Hertz car rentals offer quality cars at affordable prices.

The Hertz group is globally renowned for its success in the car rental business. Besides renting out cars on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, Hertz also rents out construction and industrial equipment. The company has an interactive website which makes surfing easy and quick. According to the company’s website, its origin can be traced back to 1918 when Walter L Jacobs opened a car-rental business in Chicago with a dozen cars. In 1923, Jacobs sold the business to John Hertz and it got a new name, Hertz Drive-Ur-Self-System.

Over the decades, the company expanded and grew into a multi-million dollar venture. Today the company operates from more than a hundred countries over the world. In the late 90s the company turned public and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Hertz offers discounted prices to AAA members. At this car rental company, you can also choose to rent premium cars such as Jaguars and Lincolns. Hertz offers service at your doorstep and also has a 24 hour emergency service in case you have car trouble on the road. One other unique service offered by this company is its drop off convenience. There are certain locations where you can drop of the rented vehicle even after the official working hours are over.

The company often enters into tie ups with various business conglomerates and offers them corporate rates and certain privileges. They also have weekly or weekend rates in addition to daily rates. At Hertz, you can also enroll to earn rewards such as miles or points whenever you rent a vehicle. The company also sells year old used cars in different segments to make space for newer models. Maintenance records for these cars are available for inspection. They come with a limited warranty, customer satisfaction policy and you can also avail of financing from Hertz if you wish.