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Sep '07

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So it’s time for a break. Everyone needs a vacation sometime. The first thing to think about is how to get where you’re going. Airlines offer online ticket purchasing, making that step easier than ever as long as you are prepared to do a small amount of research. Flexibility in flight dates and times will give you the advantage when it comes to pricing. There are similar advantages available when you rent cars. Hertz car rentals, for example, offer rewards in the form of miles or points when you rent cars from them. Enterprise will deliver a car to you because there are so many locations nationwide. Thrifty Car Rentals are also generously placed all over the country. Maybe you would rather travel by sea. Cruise ships are a popular choice among vacationers. Carnival cruises are fun and take the stress out of planning an itinerary. A Princess cruise will take you to any continent you choose.

Another way to reduce travel stress is to employ the skills and connections that travel agents have. They can supply you with all kinds of information, including information about travel insurance. If you would rather set off on your own, travel guides and maps will be very useful to you. You will have your own personal tour guide for wherever you decide to travel. One type of travel guide will tell you where to stay on your trip. Choosing a hotel can be very exciting. Many can be booked online along with your airline tickets and car rentals. The same rules apply to hotels as well. The best prices will be available during the less busy times of the week and year. In Las Vegas though, the casino hotels will always need to be booked in advance, and especially on weekends and holidays. Some campgrounds, too, need to be reserved ahead of time. Camping is a fun alternative to hotel stays, as long as you bring everything you will need to make life in the woods comfortable.

Whether you are planning to see the variety of fun and interesting things at Disneyland and Universal Studios, or opt for a more traditional Six Flags theme park, getting there is half the fun. Once you are to your vacation destination though, make sure it stays fun. Spring Break is a great time for college students to relax, wherever they happen to travel. On any vacation it is important to keep safety in mind. Go with people you know, protect yourself in the water and have a great time!